Our passion is motorbike travel in the European Alps. We document the passes of the European Alps from Brennerpass located between Austria and South Tyrol over to the Savoian Alps at Mont Blanc. We provide roadbooks, travelogues, information about the real places to go, you won’t find in any travel guide. The right places to stay inside the country and background information for motorcycle touring in the Alps. We would like to encourage foreign travelers not only to see TOP OF EUROPE and believe that’s Switzerland, but dive into the real country sides around the European Alps.

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We are member of the Alpentops 20, a platform of websites that cover travel in the Alps regions and supply significant additional information for trips in the European Alps. Owner of the site is Stephan Fennel from the agency DP Destination Publishing KG - the well known Alpentourer Magazin - which we highly recommend. The website has a translation engine for multiple languages and provides up to date information for travel in the European Alps.

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